Did Karr do it?

US TV stations are still covering basicoally only one story – the confession of John Mark Karr, and whether or not he really did murder JonBenét Ramsey.

There have been so many facts about his past coming out, it has been hard keeping track of them all. Luckily though Wikipedia has it all together.

For my money I think he did actually do it, and for the same reasons as I think David Bain is a murderer – both had nutty mothers who drove them to it.

In David Bain’s case, his mother kept breast-feeding the children until they were thirteen. Hideous yes. And that is just one symption of how dysfunctional their childhood must have been.

Now turning to Karr, what did his mother do? Well she believed Karr was possessed with demons and placed him on a pyre of kindling and tried to burn him alive. Well that’s going to stuff you up I’d say.

The whole Wikipedia article is fsacinating. They have old Usenet posts from him etc which all add to the evidence that he is certainly a pedophile. His first wife was 13, he used to trawl for young girls online etc. Now this is not proof for the Ramsey murder, but they do list all the alleged evidence which seems fairly compelling.

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