Owen Glenn now claims he was only joking

My God, someone has been told to make themselves look like an idiot and fall into line.  Audrey Young blogs that Owen Glenn now claims that he was only joking that he was offered the role of Minister of Transport.

He also says he has not donated any money to Labour since, the election – only made them a loan.  But the loan was interest free and this means it is a donation under the law.  Incidentially the interest free value is probably under $10,000 and doesn’t need to be disclosed to the Commission but regardless Mike Williams was somewhat dishonest when he stated in early January that the party has not had any from Glenn since the election.  Williams surely knows what the law says, and also must have been aware of the mammoth controversy in the United Kingdom over Labour receiving interest free loans and not disclosing them.

One thing that has not been covered by Glenn’s press release is his statement that the Exclusive Brethren were the reason he donated to Labour. He is saying he will not comment anymore on this matter, but as someone who has been honoured by the Government for his services to NZ – he should state on the record whether he was also joking about that statement, and what was his real motivation for the $500,000 donation.

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