Treaty Settlements correction

People may recall the PM falsely claimed that National had not voted voted for a single treaty settlement negotiated by Labour, and I blogged that in fact they had voted for eight out of ten settlement acts.

The Standard has found I made a mistake and National only voted for seven out of ten settlements (still a world removed from Clark’s zero).

I had National down as voting for the Ngaa Rauru Kiitahi Settlement Act.   National voted for it as first and second reading, but voted against at third reading after failing to get a schedule amended which dealt with placing certain spiritual beliefs into law.  This wasn’t picked up as under the commitee stage and third reading were done together, and it was only at the last minute National changed how it was voting, so by going off the early votes it appeared National was supporting.

Unlike Helen, I am happy to correct my mistakes, and certainly it is a strength of the blogosphere that mistakes can be highlighted and corrected.

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