Elect the President

Over 1,300 people voted in the initial ballot for the yet to be created position of President of New Zealand. The ten candidates have been reduced to five. Those who dropped out were:

  1. Sir Douglas Graham
  2. Sir Robert Jones
  3. Sir Kenneth Keith
  4. Don McKinnon
  5. Vincent O’Sullivan

The five remaining candidates are:

  1. Professor James Belich
  2. Jim Bolger
  3. Dr Claudia Orange
  4. Dame Kiri Te Kanawa
  5. Sir Wilson Whineray.

Both lists are in alphabetical order.

Voting has now opened for the final ballot to select a President from the five remaining candidates.

You can vote online here. It is a ranked preferential ballot, so rank your top choice “1” and your bottom choice “5”. Voting closes on Friday 31 October 2008 so we will get to find out who our fictional President is a week or more before we find out who his or her Prime Minister will be 🙂

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