Inspector Clouseau strikes again

As I landed back in Auckland from Great Barrier Island, my e-mails started to hit the Blackberry. And one of them was from a National Researcher saying they are looking forward to me turning up to work at 8 am Monday.

I was initially bemused until I followed a link to discover an Inspector Clouseau has got excited at The Standard as the metadata in the election analysis I did has the document author as “Parliamentary Service”.

So am I a secret staffer for the National Parliamentary Research Unit? Did I somehow forget to disclose on my disclosure statement that I had been hired?

Alas no. As many commenters pointed out, the obvious answer is the correct one. I first did an election analysis for National in 1999 and every three years have saved a copy and used that as the template for the new analysis. This means the document still lists the original author and company. Some of my docs still show the author as Ministerial Services and that was a decade ago!

But for those who like the conspiracy theories, here’s a photo taken from election night:

Now people keep asking me how do I find the time as one person to blog so much material, plus have posts appears late in the evening and early in the morning?

Well is it possible there are in fact four DPFs? D1 (me) does the 6 am to midday shift. Then I hand over to D2 who covers it until 6 pm, D3 until midnight and good old D4 who does the night shift? Could this celebratory photo in fact have been Team Kiwiblog celebrating their year long vigil?

Remember the truth is often stranger than fiction!

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