Tasman Capital and WSD

NBR has a story on the ongoing saga of and Progressive Deputy Leader Matt Robson:

Former MP and are forging ahead with plans to list Global Markets on the NZX, despite a Serious Office investigation into alleged money laundering operations by WSD’s related company in the Cook Islands.

SFO director Grant Liddell last night confirmed to NBR that the -based WSBC and “associated entities” were under investigation. WSBC out-sources its margin trading operations to Global Markets. …

Accusations of connections between director Riaz Patel and illegal activity around the globe have been made public this week, with journalist also linking the alleged laundered money with international terrorism.

It is all rather murky. NBR reports Robson is suing Wishart:

Mr Robson says proceedings against Mr Wishart have now been launched and he rubbishes the connection Mr Wishart had made between Mr Patel’s businesses and international terrorism.

The original article from TGIF is here. And Wishart also blogs that Robson tried and failed to get an ex parte injunction against the story.

I would suggest people be cautious with any comments they make, noting this appears to be heading to the courts.  All I’ll comment is to say it seems unwise to try and get listed on the NZX while the SFO is investigating you.

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