Greens propose race based justice system

The Greens are proposing a race based justice system, as their solution to .

“Because Maori are more likely to be stopped and searched, arrested rather than cautioned, and receive higher sentences than Pakeha offenders, Maori crime and imprisonment rates are elevated,” Mrs Turei said today.

This is a cunning plan. They will cut the crime rate in half overnight by stopping Police from being able to search, arrest or imprison criminals who happen to be Maori.

“The establishment of a Maori justice system that runs alongside the existing legal system – using the education system as a model – will help to eliminate the impact of this systemic racial profiling, reduce the unjust imprisonment of many Maori and stem Maori reoffending.”

Why have a seperate justice system for Maori only? How about Asians? How about South Africans? Also can people choose which justice system they go on? If you are part Asian and part Maori, can you use just one system, or pick and mix the parts that most suit you as a criminal. I think giving choice of justice systems to criminals is very important.

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