5 am in Turkey

Around 30 hours after leaving Wellington I’m in . No photo as it is 5 am. Delighted that my hotel is allowing me to check in nine hours early, and withiout even charging me extra. That s what I call customer service.

The Thai Airlines flight to Bangkok was12 hours, and went quickly. I had a row to myself so was very comfortable propped up in a corner, stretched out and reading a Robert Harris’ latest novel on Cicero, and the GI Joe movie.

Had two to three hours in Bangkok Airport, and thank God for my Star Alliance status, I could use the Thai Royal Orchid Lounge, even though I am flying cattle economy class.

Then had my first ever flight on Turkish Airlines. Seemed as good service as most international airlines. Didn’t want to waste Saturday catching up on sleep, so for the first time ever I took sleeping pills on a trip. Normally I can almost never sleep on a flight. Again, I had a row to myself (I wonder if this is because of my status point or am I just lucky?) so got a good eight hours sleep. I’m dislike taking drugs generally, but a good investment this time.

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