Family First and the Sex Party

Oh a wonderful story from

CONSERVATIVE “family values” party Family First has approached the Australian Sex Party – which advocates gay marriage, prostitution and abortion – for a preference deal in the federal election.

A match made in heaven.

Launching the Australian Sex Party’s South Australian campaign in Adelaide yesterday, president Fiona Patten said she was stunned when an adviser to Family First’s leader, Senator Steve Fielding, phoned her and made the proposal.

Ms Patten said her party was not interested in dealing with Family First, which she said represented the worst aspects of conservative .

Founded by South Australian Pentecostal minister Andrew Evans, Family First touts itself as a pro-family party.

It is opposed to gay marriage and gay civil unions as well as abortion, prostitution and pornography.

It also supported the Government’s controversial internet-filtering policy.

The Australian Sex Party is at the other end of the political spectrum, supporting gay marriage, euthanasia and abortion. It also wants to remove religion from Australian politics.

It will be interesting to see which party gets more votes!
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