The Untersberg

Around 10 kms out of Salzburg, is the Untersberg. An ancient legend has it as the site where Emperor Frederick I (Barbarossa) sleeps, awakening every 100 years, and only going back to sleep if he sees ravens.

The cable car stretches over 2.5 kms, and has a vertical climb of around 1.3 km. At one point the angle of the climb is 81 degrees!

The view from the cable car as we start up.

One view from the summit, of the valley below.

A raven peers up, with a beautiful view behind it of the other ranges.

The local birds are very human friendly and land within touching distance.

Me, blocking the view.

A cool little cafe lies just above the cable car station at the peak. There are also two great lookouts nearby – one that takes around two minutes to get to, and the other around half an hour. You get basically a 360 degree panorama from them, and the cost of the cable car is well worth it for the experience.

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