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Just received this e-mail:

Amazing – I’ve been going to Vic since 2004 and never been asked to comment on the services provides before. Amazing what can achieve – they actually have to check that they’re relevant to students!

What she is referring to is a online survey VUWSA have commissioned from TNS. The survey says:

This survey is your chance to direct VUWSA about which services you think are important and how well you think they are performing.

It is great VUWSA are doing something they have never done before – asked students what they think on issues and on what VUWSA should be doing. This is exactly what VSM is about – giving an incentive for student associations to be responsive to their members.

Labour and Greens are 100% committed to repealing VSM, so that students will lose any choice over joining a student association, and so VUWSA can go back to ignoring students – rather than asking them their opinions.

I encourage all Vic students to take part of the VUWSA survey. If Labour win the next election, they may never ever again be asked their opinion – this may be your only chance.

I would also encourage all other associations to consisder doing such a survey also- it may help you survive. Asking your members what they think is the first step in a process towards becoming responsive, accountable and eventually valuable.

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