A win-win

Talking yesterday with a friend, I came up with a great win-win for the Labour Party.

Julia Gillard is close to being rolled by her colleagues in Labor. Her approval ratings have plummeted, and the chances of her making it through to the next Australian election are slim.

So Julia will be looking for a job shortly.

Meanwhile in New Zealand, Labour are looking for a leader.

So why not offer Julia the leadership of the NZ Labour Party? Let Kevin Rudd take his old job back, and Julia take over here. Labour would bounce back to at least the 34% they got in 2008.

Best of all, Julia actually believes in stuff such as education reform and standing up to the teacher unions, so Labour would get some decent policy also.

Everyone knows Goff would have been rolled by now if any of his colleagues were willing to take the leadership on before the election. Well Gillard will be willing to, so now they have no excuse not to act!

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