An early start

We go out twice a day here. The afternoon trip starts at 4 pm and we get back around 8 pm when we then have dinner.

The morning trip starts at just after 5 am, and returns in around 9 am for breakfast. I surprised myself by waking up at 4.30 am without the need for a call.

A troop of baboons crossing the track.

And then departing into the bush.

The first big five sighting – white rhinos.

They don’t seem to be worried by visitors as much as some beasts – possibly because they know few things short of a mortar could hurt them. You can see here how close you can get to them. Would be very messy if they did a sudden charge as they can move at 50 km/hr.

This rhino would weigh at least two tonnes. The horn is close to a metre long. They are the largest land mammals after elephants.

These are dwarf mongooses, and they are the smallest carnivores in Africa, being up to a foot long.

And the second big game sighting. Mr Buffalo. They will usually kill a lion one on one. It generally will take multiple lions to kill a buffalo. They estimate 200 people a year in Africa are killed by a buffalo.

A meeting of the local Bar Association.

A literal zebra crossing.

A monkey up the tree.

You could almost touch these antelopes.

An eagle in the tree.

And back home at 9 am. It’s a good day when you’ve done so much before breakfast!

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