Another month of net migration from Australia


For the fourth month in a row, we have had net from Australia. On the 12 month rolling data shown above, you can see how close we are to being the very rare case of having net from a larger country to a smaller country.

Some stats:

  • Number of NZers returning (from anywhere) at all time high of 30,000 a year
  • Number of NZers leaving (to anywhere) at all time low 35,000 a year
  • Departures to Australia at 12 year low of 25,000 a year
  • Arrivals from Australia at all time high of 25,000 a year
  • Nine years ago NZers had net outwards migration of 24,000 a year, now down to 5,000
  • Nine years ago net migration to Australia was 21,000 a year, now down to 720

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