A Minister for Men?

Newshub reports:

We’ve got a Minister for Women, so why not a Minister for Men?

That’s what ACT Party David Seymour wants to know – or better still, he wants all of what he calls “demographic ministers” to be scrapped.

“I think it’s wrong to have exist purely for a particular type of person. I actually think that all ministers should be working for all New Zealanders,” he says.

It comes off the back of huge criticism of the Minister for Women, Louise Upston, for not directly addressing the Chiefs stripper scandal.

“Men are doing worse than in just about every imaginable social statistic,” Mr Seymour says.

“If you’re seriously saying that being higher in suicide statistics, higher in imprisonment rates, higher in mental and lower in educational attainment for men are not worth addressing, but income differential for is worth addressing, then I don’t think you’re part of a 21st century debate about gender.”

An interesting perspective. Would you take lower wages in exchange for living longer?

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