The TOP list

TOP have announced their party list. The top six (who would be MPs if they make 5%) are:

  1. Gareth Morgan, cat killer
  2. Geoff Simmons, works for cat killer
  3. Teresa Moore, marine scientist
  4. Buddy Mikaere, resource consent consultant
  5. Olly Wilson, real estate agent and nurse
  6. Donna Pokere-Phillips, regional council manager

UPDATE: A reader has corrected the list:

1. Morgan: kills your cat
2: Simmons: works for cat killer.
3: Moore: marine scientist, knows how to drown cats.
4: Mikaere: resource consent consultant, helps plan where to bury cats.
5: Wilson: real estate and nurse, sell you somewhere to bury the cat after checking it doesn’t have a pulse.
6: Pokere-Phillips: council manager, gives you forms to fill out and charges the fees for burying your cat.

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