The real reason Winston wants the ability to expel MPs

As you know Labour and the Greens are voting to allow Winston the power to expel MPs from his party from Parliament who he falls out with. Why does he want this power? Because he falls out with most of his colleagues eventually.

This first happened as a National MP. Of the 50+ National MPs he was in caucus with in the 1980s and 1990s, only around four still get on with him. But you might say that is to be expected as he left National.

So lets look at the NZ First MPs. These are MPs he personally chose. They joined a party led by him. You’d expect say only 10% or so of his former colleagues to have fallen out with him. RIght? Well no, actually over half of his former NZF colleagues had serious fall outs with him. The ones I know of (there may be more) are:

  1. Tau Henare
  2. Tuku Morgan
  3. Rana Waitai
  4. Tu Wyllie
  5. Tuariki Delamere
  6. Ann Batten
  7. Peter McCardle
  8. Jenny Bloxham
  9. Deborah Morris
  10. Neil Kirton
  11. Robyn McDonald
  12. Gilbert Myles
  13. Dail Jones
  14. Andrew Williams
  15. Richard Prosser
  16. Brendan Horan
  17. Denis O’Rourke
  18. Asenati Taylor

This is why he wants the power to expel MPs. Because he always falls out with his MPs. Loyalty is one way, not two ways.

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