Stupid Greens

Newshub reports:

The Green Party “didn’t even think” of objecting to First’s waka-jumping bill during negotiations, so now its hands are tied in supporting it.

A screenshot from a private Young Facebook group reveals during negotiations Labour asked the Greens to provide a list of First policies the don’t support. The Greens “didn’t even think of the waka jumping bill”, and as a result of a failure to raise its opposition, the party has to support the bill. 

Wow that is a high level of incompetence. They fought bitterly against the bill twice before and didn’t even think about it this time!

The supported the Bill through its first reading. When she launced her campaign, co-leadership candidate Julie Anne Genter signalled she may not support the Bill through the further stages.

Yet the post from the Young says:

Caucus has indicated it will support the bill regardless

So this means that it doesn’t matter how good the arguments against are, or what is submitted to the select committee. The caucus have decided nothing will shake them from supporting a bill which would have stopped the party from entering Parliament in the first place.

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