But who was at fault?

Stuff reports:

is halting autonomous vehicle tests after one of its cars struck and killed a woman in the US in what is likely the first pedestrian fatality involving the technology.

The 49 year-old woman, Elaine Herzberg, was crossing the road outside of a crosswalk in Tempe, Arizona when the Uber vehicle operating in autonomous mode under the supervision of a human safety driver, struck her, according to the Tempe Police Department.

She was transferred to a local hospital where she died from her injuries. “Uber is assisting and this is still an active investigation,” Liliana Duran, a Tempe police spokeswoman, said in an emailed statement.

Very sad for the family of the dead person, as all road fatalities are.

It is not clear if the vehicle was at fault. A vehicle can’t always stop in time if someone steps out in front of it. In no way saying that is what happened here, just that we don’t know.

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