TEU reveals itself as an enemy of free speech

The President of the Tertiary Education Union said:

With that in mind, let’s start focusing on how good it is to see the seriousness with which the Vice-Chancellor takes the responsibilities that result from actively acknowledging Te Tiriti o Waitangi as the foundation for the relationship between Māori and the Crown. I only wish she could have stuck to this position publicly at the time this debacle first surfaced.

The views the Vice-Chancellor was seeking to keep off campus have no place in Aotearoa New Zealand. They should not be encouraged, respected, nor accepted, especially not under the banner of .

This is incredibly depressing, but not that surprising.

The is the union representing many academics in NZ. It has in the past claimed to be a defender of academic freedom.

But it shows its true colours with this statement. They say that if you have a view against creating race based seats on local authorities, then you have no place in New Zealand and you should be silenced.

The arrogance of these people who believe that anyone who disagrees with them on issues around the Treaty of Waitangi is racist and should be silenced is nauseating. They don’t accept any views are valid but their own.

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