Is assaulting your press secretary “talking extra loud”?

The Herald reports:

Whaitiri says there are certain parts of the report she agrees with, but others she “actively continues to challenge”.
“In this country, we have a hierarchy; white men, white women, brown men, brown women, and sometimes brown women have to talk extra loud to be heard,” the MP said.

By talk extra loud, does she mean assault her own press secretary?

It is remarkable that Whaitiri is both trying to portray herself as a victim, but also is playing the race and sex card.

The reality is that Whaitiri was a Minister of the Crown. She had one of the loudest voices of anyone in New Zealand – white, brown, male or female. A Minister can command attention and the media more than 99% of New Zealanders could ever hope to.

So to have her trying to paint herself as a victim in what happened is rather sad. The press secretary was the victim, not the Minister.

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