Why was he in a low security area?

Stuff reports:

One of New Zealand’s most-notorious child killers could be on his way to a 98th conviction after an alleged “prison napalm” and stabbing attack behind bars. …

Sources have confirmed that Williams had been placed in a low security area of Rimutaka Prison when he allegedly attacked another prisoner by throwing boiling water and sugar over him then stabbing him multiple times on Wednesday. His victim was understood to be gravely ill before the attack.

The combination of boiling water and sugar is known as “prison napalm” because the sugar makes the water stick to the skin for longer, maximising burn time.

He’s a child killer with 98 convictions and he was in a low security area. Why? You might say his security classification should be based on how he behaves in prison, so let’s look at that.

When Williams was last in court in 2017, for an attempted murder of another inmate, it was his 97th conviction and he said he wanted to stay in jail for the rest of his life, as “punishment” for killing his stepdaughter.

What the eff is wrong with the Department of Corrections? He tried to murder another inmate in 2017 and they have him in a low security area? That’s bonkers.

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