The great Captain Cook

Spiked has an excellent profile of the great explorer Captain Cook. The woke generation are trying to turn him into a villain, so read this article to get a different view.

Here’s 10 things you might not know about him:

  1. He was one of eight children of his father, a Scottish farm labourer
  2. He only attended school for five years
  3. He has no descendants. His six children died without children. They were James died age 31, Nathaniel died age 16, Elizabeth died age 4, Joseph died before 1, George died before 1, and Hugh died age 17
  4. Cook almost encountered mainland Antarctica
  5. Cook spent 12 years of his life sailing around the Pacific
  6. The botanists on his voyages collected 3,000 plant species increasing the known plant species by 25%
  7. William Bligh served under Cook
  8. During the US War of Independence, Benjamin Franklin ordered US forces not to attack or detain Cook but to treat him as a common friend of mankind
  9. He mapped more of the globe than anyone before him
  10. None of his crew died from scurvy due to his insistence on them eating sauerkraut

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