Time to recover

Election periods are always busy times for me, but this election has been by far the most crazy I can recall. In the last two months I have (in order of importance):

  • Been a parent to a 10 month old and three year old
  • Analysed and written up 124 polling reports for 22 different clients. Note not all of these are election or political polling.
  • Posted around 250 articles to
  • Done around 80 posts on
  • As a Director of NZTU, helped with guidance on their three campaigns on debt, relief and anti-
  • Done our own crowdfunded campaign over Labour’s total lack of delivery on promises
  • Done around a dozen presentations to business or sector groups on the election and potential outcomes
  • Had an emergency appendectomy

Due to all this both my physical and mental health is, not surprisingly, at a low ebb. I’m beyond exhausted.

So next week after the election, I’m heading somewhere secluded for a couple of days to recharge. No laptop. No visitors. Just me and some books, so I can relax and sleep. So please don’t contact me next week, unless urgent.

At least election campaigns are only once every three years!

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