Oh dear

Stuff reports:

Former high-ranking National MP Jami-Lee Ross is behind a company planning to sell a nutritional supplement claiming to protect users from electromagnetic radiation.

They work also with a 100% guarantee. Not a single person has taken the supplement has died of 5G poisoning.

The supplement, called Praesidium, was developed by Dr Marco Ruggiero, an Italian microbiologist known for promoting pseudoscientific treatments. His other products include a probiotic yoghurt said to treat a range of conditions including autism and AIDS, and a pill purported to reverse ageing and “extend life to unimagined lengths”.

I’d be keen for the yoghurt, but only if it is strawberry flavoured.

On an associated called Natural Solutions, the clinic sells a range of products, several of which are linked to Ruggiero. They include a course of probiotic yoghurt that cost $695

Less keen now.

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