Bet you he won’t get LWOP

Stuff reports:

A prisoner who stomped and stabbed a fellow inmate to death faces the possibility of becoming only the second person in New Zealand to be sentenced to life without parole.

Stuff understands Siuaki Lisiate has no interactions with fellow inmates and is being housed in the same part of Auckland Prison at Paremoremo as the terrorist responsible for the Christchurch mosque shootings. So far, the mosque shooter is the only person in New Zealand to receive a life sentence without parole.

Lisiate’s interim name suppression lapsed on Tuesday, and he can now be revealed as the man who used a weapon made from sharpened pencils and a piece of sharpened aluminium to stab Blake Lee to death inside an exercise yard in March 2020. Lee is the second prisoner who Lisiate has killed inside Paremoremo.

So he did his original offending to get into prison, and has twice killed within prison. Obviously he should never ever be released as he would be a threat to the public. I don’t support the death penalty but he would be a poster child for it, if we did, The other prisoners need to be protected also and if he has twice killed other prisoners, he will try and do so again.

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