Not at all high risk!

The Herald reports:

A man jailed for swinging his penis around in a supermarket, then masturbated on and violently attacked a woman, has not been deemed high risk enough to be put on an extended supervision order, despite exposing himself to staff while in prison at least 44 times.

He exposed himself in a supermarket, attacked and masturbated on a woman and has exposed himself 44+ times in prison and somehow he is not. deemed high risk!

While he served his time in prison between 2017 and 2021, the Department of Corrections recorded Reuben indecently exposing himself to “prison staff, nursing staff, and other health professionals at the prison 44 times.

“Corrections thought that was likely an underestimation.

“Mr Reuben explained to the District Court that it was true, it was always to female staff and ‘the main reason was boredom, but also sexual arousal or low mood, and interest in how the targeted staff member would respond’.

“He said he was sometimes laughed at, sometimes ignored, and on 16 occasions given a misconduct,” the Court of Appeal wrote.

Why is this man out? They should have charged him for the prison indecent exposures.

I have little doubt he will be back before the courts soon, after some more victims.