Annual change in exports

April 26th, 2013 at 12:00 pm by David Farrar

Stats NZ has reported that has just over-taken Australia as the biggest export destination in the last quarter.

It is worth recalling that the and NZ First battled against the free trade agreement with China. Thank God they lost.

Labour signed the China-NZ FTA. However their economic policy moves closer and closer to the Greens. I hope they do not abandon their belief in free trade, as they have with free markets.

Here’s the change in export volumes over the last year for our top 10 export¬†destinations:

  1. China +25%
  2. USA +8%
  3. Singapore +4%
  4. Taiwan +1%
  5. Hong Kong -1%
  6. Korea – 2%
  7. Malaysia -7%
  8. Japan -8%
  9. UK -9%
  10. Australia -9%

The fall in to Australia, UK and Japan would be devastating if it were not for the growth to China and the US.

8 Responses to “Annual change in exports”

  1. Jack5 (9,299 comments) says:

    I hope you don’t mind me posting this again, DPF. I had it in the general thread, but it’s very relevant to this new thread on NZ export patterns:

    Something different, folk, but important and perhaps ominous for the NZ economy…

    As a counter to the pro-China PR from politicians and NZ bank spokesmen, this video clip from CNBC is worth looking at.(The video clip is worth waiting through the advertisement and the opening comments about short selling).

    In addition to China, it’s very bearish on mining industries. NZ’s two biggest markets are mining-rich Australia and China. The Vale they mention is the Brazilian mining giant. The link:

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  2. Rightandleft (782 comments) says:

    Interesting that trade with the US is actually up despite the opposition’s cries about the strong dollar.

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  3. flipper (5,300 comments) says:

    Say, is it true that silly, AU tenured, so called “professor”, Jane Kelsey has this morning been placed in a straight-jacket?

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  4. tvb (5,517 comments) says:

    On a related topic Tim Groser has withdrawn his bid to head the WTO. This is probably because he did not have the support of the US over Brazil and Mexico. I assume by withdrawing we did not jeapardise the TPP talks which do matter to this country more than Groser getting the WTO slot.

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  5. kowtow (13,220 comments) says:

    When China implodes (not if) the shit will really hit the fan for Aotearoa and it will be massive on Oz too, so that will be a double whammy.

    Social welfare and borrowing will be huge.

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  6. mandk (2,003 comments) says:

    Never mind, that nice Mr Shearer will fix everything when he gets elected and addresses the problem of the low NZ dollar.

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  7. Dr. Strangelove (53 comments) says:

    kowtow: China, the EU, and the US, all face very significant risk of financial and economic collapse. It probably won’t matter which one goes first because any one will bring down the other two. If that happens the whole world will be screwed. Avoiding trade with China now won’t do anything at all to reduce our own risk. It’s just leaving money on the table.

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  8. HC (186 comments) says:


    Mainland China is the “New Motherland”, I suppose. Once New Zealand shipped its wool, meat, butter and cheese to the ports of Britain, now it is increasingly doing so to the new “master” on the block, dear friends in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and so forth. We are also getting the colonial cottages made up and ready for renting and buying, for the new “masters” to come and feel at home in New Zealand. Real Estate is booming in Auckland, and there is no shortage of buyers.

    Tourism operators are also delivering great economic growth, I have neighbours down the road, they have all their little and not so little “tour buses” parked alongside the street, to carry around Mainland Chinese visitors to the selected Chinese operated souvenir shops, restaurants and events around Auckland and the region up here at the top of the North Island. They have no signwriting on their buses, are hard to identify as tour buses, they are not very talkative, they never issue GST numbered tax receipts, and they only cater for that one same group of tourists from that one country, also employing only their own, speaking their language(s) and mixing and mingling with their ethnography 24/7. They are the “new New Zealanders”, for sure, some of them.

    So welcome them, sell them your dairy factories, meat processors, farms, and also will they be building new ones, employing staff they can and must communicate with, in Mandarin and Kantonese, of course.

    Welcome to modern New Zealand, booming on the back of the New Motherland, our friends, that love red flags, are all united in one party, and have no issues with labour unions, human rights and environmental activists. Peace be with you, dear friends, the meat and food is on the plate. Enjoy it while you can, and do not bloody complain, as that will not go down well with the new “master” from the “New Motherland”. Nihao!

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