Party leaders on the wintry blast

May 30th, 2013 at 4:00 pm by David Farrar

Some nice from Trans-Tasman on how party leaders would respond to the recent wintry blast:

John Key

Points out NZ experienced similar bouts of cold weather “pretty much every year, actually, under nine years of Labour. And they did NOTHING!” And then confuses winter with autumn.

David Shearer

“This hardworking bloke came up to me in a pub and told me he and his hard working family have done everything they can but they just can’t cope with these hard working winters any more hardworking.”

Russel Norman

Calls on the Reserve Bank to get one of those neat “smart, green” new 3-D printers so it can print out some more summer. 

Winston Peters

“Everyone knows where this weather came from, though few have the courage to say it. This weather comes from China.”

Peter Dunne

Issues discussion document on obscure tax rule which allows deductibility of small weather related expenses: says it is not actually Government policy yet because there might be some fishhooks IRD haven’t told him about.

John Banks

Can’t remember any weather, but says if there was any it was donated anonymously.

Tariana Turia

“Whanau Ora means we can draw on our histories as hunters, gatherers, growers to withstand the winter, and ….hmm. Can we put in a Waitangi claim for some decent thermals?”

Heh, not bad.

5 Responses to “Party leaders on the wintry blast”

  1. dime (12,985 comments) says:

    thats pretty funny.

    Sheaer looks the saddest even in a pisstake. Thats not good.

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  2. BeaB (2,512 comments) says:

    We have a pretty low standard of political humour. It’s always so leaden and predictable.

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  3. Steve (North Shore) (4,953 comments) says:

    Metiria Turei:
    “Some nice dry stuff in plastic bags at the bottom of the kumara pit”

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  4. scrubone (3,791 comments) says:

    Heh, good one.

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  5. gravedodger (1,703 comments) says:

    Psst dont tell Devoy she has been got to by the media.

    Pathetic response to Nesbit.

    Hate speech cant be far away.

    His depiction of older white honkeys was very upsetting.

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