How narcissistic are you?

Homepaddock has discovered a test for narcissism. It is no surprise that Ele got 3/40 which is well below average. The score range is:

Between 12 and 15 is average.
Celebrities often score closer to 18.
Narcissists score over 20.

Of course I had to test myself. I was relieved that I was only slightly above average at 16. My results were:

Authority: 6.00
Self-Sufficiency: 2.00
Superiority: 3.00
Exhibitionism: 2.00
Exploitativeness: 0.00
Vanity: 0.00
Entitlement: 3.00

As Cartman says – you shall respect my authority!! 🙂

Below you will find a brief interpretation of each narcissism trait and what your score relative to that trait may indicate about you.


Authority refers to a person’s leadership skills and power. People who score higher on authority like to be in charge and gain power, often for power’s sake alone. You scored particularly high in authority, suggesting you see yourself as a leader or as someone who values power.


This trait refers to how self-sufficient a person is, that is, how much you rely on others versus your own abilities to meet your needs in life.


This trait refers to whether a person feels they are more superior than those around them. You scored particularly high in superiority, suggesting you feel you are superior to most others.


This trait refers to a person’s need to be the center of attention, and willingness to ensure they are the center of attention (even at the expense of others’ needs).


This trait refers to how willing you are to exploit others in order to meet your own needs or goals.


This trait refers to a person’s vanity, or their belief in one’s own superior abilities and attractiveness compared to others.


This trait refers to the expectation and amount of entitlement a person has in their lives, that is, unreasonable expectations of especially favorable treatment or automatic compliance with one’s expectations. People who score higher on this trait generally have a greater expectation of entitlement, while those who score lower expect little from others or life.

Looks reasonably spot on to me.

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