Wellington residents views

Stuff reports on views of Wellingtonians in the annual residents surveys. Indicators reported are:

  • Residents who recycle 96% (+35%)
  • Perception that is a great place to live 95% (-1%)
  • Satisfaction with artificial sports fields 94% (+5%)
  • Attendee satisfaction with council-supported arts and cultural festivals 85% (+1%)
  • Perception that public transport services are convenient 69% (-1%)
  • Perception that Wellington is a great place to work 66% (+3%)
  • Residents who rate the city’s roads as good or very good 66% (nc)
  • Residents’ satisfaction with their involvement in council decision-making 59% (-15%)
  • Residents who think parking enforcement is fair 48% (-2%)
  • Residents who think public transport services are affordable 46% (+8%)
  • Residents who think peak traffic volumes are acceptable 43% (-4%)
  • Satisfaction with grass sports fields 42% (-36%)
  • Residents who agree council decisions are being made in the best interests of the city 34% (-2%)
  • Residents who understand how the council makes decisions 33% (-2%)

Annoyingly I can’t see the full survey results on the WCC website.

Wellington Mayor Justin Lester said he was generally quite pleased with the results of the latest monitoring survey, which showed the council hit 65 per cent of its performance measure targets.

But there was always more work to be done, and while he knew the council had always made decisions in the best interests of the city, he would aim to improve public perception in that area through greater community planning.

The results are pretty good, but I’m not sure I’d be satisfied with achieving 65% of performance measure targets. I’d be aiming for over 80%.

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