Campaign Countdown – 6 days to go

Another day another roading announcement in the regions, this time Rotorua – National will accelerate plans to four-lane the road between the city and the airport.

National’s East-West link could be the most expensive stretch of road in the world at $327 million per kilometre.

National’s last minute ditch to get the Trans Pacific Partnership 11 agreement across the line just a day before the general election smacks of desperation.

Reporter who questioned Winston’s health starting a filthy rumour, and dirty campaign (see here).

We can work with NZF, but a referendum on Maori seats is off the table.

Horizon Research poll shows we can have more than 1 MP after the election.

Horizon Research: National 38.5% Labour 38.2% NZF 9.8% Greens 7.7% TOP 2.3% ACT 1.4% – Winston is kingmaker

Roy Morgan: National 40% Labour 39.5% Greens 9% NZF 6% TOP and Maori 2% – potential Lab/Green/Maori coalition.

Two polls which still have the major parties neck and neck.

Latest update as of 9am Tuesday:

National Party $8.17b; Labour Party $22.91b; Green Party $13.28b; NZ First $27.53b; Maori Party $12.17b; ACT -$2.43b; TOP $13.69b. Full details here.

Final Bribe-O-Meter update coming Monday.