Why is the left not outraged over this Sieg Heil?

Newshub reports:

The New Zealand Jewish Council is hitting out at the Mongrel Mob after a video surfaced of lifetime member Harry Tam saying “sieg heil” –  a victory salute used by Nazis at political rallies. 

The video, which was shared by the National Party on Wednesday, shows Tam speaking to a group of Mongrel Mob members about voting. He also uses the offensive phrase several times despite the Mongrel Mob Kingdom vowing to stop using it after the Christchurch terror attacks. 

Spokesperson for the New Zealand Jewish Council Juliet Moses condemned Tam’s comments on Friday. 

“The Jewish Council is very disturbed to see the video of Harry Tam chanting the infamous Nazi salutation ‘sieg heil’.

Labour gave $2.75 million to a man who goes around chanting sieg heil to his fellow gang members.

Now it is fair to assume that Tam and the Mongrel Mob are not actual Nazis. The defence is that they are just saying it to shock people.

But does that lessen its impact on survivors of the Holocaust? I’d say a Jewish person hearing that phrase is not dissimilar to a black person hearing the N word.

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