A grandson of the 10th US President is still alive

John Tyler was was born in 1790. He became the 10th President of the States in 1841. He died aged 71 in 1862.

He had 15 children. His first wife Letitia was the same age as him and she married him when they were 23 and died when they were 52. They had eight children.

John remarried Julia in 1844. She was born in 1820 so was 24 when she married the then 54 year old President. She was five years younger than Tyler’s oldest daughter. They had seven children from 1846 to 1860. Julia died in 1889 aged 68. John died in 1862 aged 71.

Lyon Tyler was born in 1853 to John and Julia. He also had two wives – Anne he was with until she died in 1921 when he was 68.

Soon after that he married Sue was around 33 and she had three children including Harrison Tyler who was born in 1928 and is alive today.

So John was 63 when he had Lyon and Lyon was 75 when he had Harrison and Harrison is 94 years old – which is how you have a grandson of the 10th President still alive!

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